Amma - Creator of the Universe

 To all the spiritual powers that exist in this universe, there exists a supreme power called Aadiparasakthi. Aadiparasakthi has been protecting her devotees from all the eight directions of this universe, which is why we also call her as Ashtamaha Shakthi (where Ashta means eight). She has been showering her blessings to all her devotees in this temple "Arulmigu Naga Nagaeshwari Sakthi Aalayam" Amma protects all her devotees from the evil forces of the universe and showers all her blessings on them. She is present here in silence.Silence is another word representing Meditation and meditation is the means followed here to get close to her.There are four commandments of Amma, they are
Ψ Peace Ψ Patience Ψ Silence Ψ Simplicity
If we follow these four commandments of Amma we will have a complete life with inner happiness. All the devotees who wish to feel the inner happiness in their life need to surrender themselves completely to Amma. They need to be dedicated and committed to the commandments of Amma. On doing so Amma will protect them from all kinds of evil forces that are known to exists in this universe, showers her blessings, protects them in all means and guides them to lead a happy and meaning full life in this materialistic world. All these are realized in person by each and every devotee who has stepped into this temple. They have seen the evil forces getting vanished, their life getting better, feeling the inner happiness and leading a perfect life under the guidance of the Aadiparasakthi. A request to all the readers to follow the four commandments of Amma and surrender oneself completely to the Supreme power of the Universe.

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