Devotee Experience

Here we provide some of the experience of the devotees who have seen their life flourish by receiving the blessings of Bhavani Sakthi Amma. The Experience of the devotee presented here is as written by the devotees themselves.

 V.Shrinivasan Grandson of M.S.Subbulakshmi
 Shyamchandran family from London
 Geetha Shrinivasan wife of V.Shrinivasan
Experience written by V.Shrinivasan Grandson of M.S.Subbulakshmi.

Dear Bhaktas of Amma

It was in the year 1999; in the month of March.

My father Sri G.Viswanathan is a family friend of Smt.Mangala Gowri. While talking about the ill health of my mother Smt. Radha Viswanathan, daughter of Smt M.S.Subbulakshmi , Mangala Gowri invited my father to visit Bhavani Sakthi Amma.

In the days of early 1999, I was without a job. Why and how I was without one was a mystery to me. I had a very good job with a good company and without reason I had resigned from the post. I wanted to go to America. Ultimately I neither had a job, nor did I go abroad!

My wife Geetha used to take some tuitions. There was no income. How long can one be without a job? I was without one from July 1998 onwards. For 7 or 8 months I was under the impression that I would go to the US some how or the other. Now even those hopes had started receding. I did attend some interviews, did well in them, but subsequently no calls came after that. I had a surgery to my leg also.

It was under those circumstances that Geetha & I came to Bhavani Sakthi Amma, but I was not having much hope then.

On visiting Bhavani Amma, Amma listed out all our problems correctly (which was a surprise then) and told us what was needed to be done.

This was a beginning of a new life for me and my family.

Within a few months I got a job. It was a much smaller job from what I had one year back, but for a person without a job, this was definitely a good start! I joined the new company on August 14th 1999 at Chennai.

Suddenly in a few months in November 99, I got a call from another consultant in Bangalore. There was a vacancy in a Multi National Company. Once again it was all due to the grace and blessings of Bhavani Amma that I cleared 2 rounds of interviews and got the job. I had now to shift to Bangalore. This was a beginning of a new phase in my life. It was a miracle by Amma.

Initially I had to stay with a relative of mine and with the grace of Bhavani Amma, I got a house for rent. As is the case with Amma s Bhakthas , the owner gave the key and did not charge any advance money! (At that time , I was short on money and would have struggled to pay Rs 50000/- advance)

The new job I had was fine for sometime before problems started coming up , especially with my boss. What was I supposed to do? Here, there was a good job, I had known what it was to be without a job and now I had a very very tough Boss.

Without the blessings of Amma, I would not have been able to survive even for one month in this new company. You could say that it was torture from a new Boss.

I used to visit Chennai on week ends as my family was in Chennai and I had not shifted them to Bangalore. I used to visit the temple whenever I could.

Whatever Amma does she does slowly but surely. We need to keep faith. In this company, whenever my Boss used to create problems, due to Amma s Grace from somewhere, someone used to help. Slowly I started establishing myself in the new company.

Today when I look back and see for myself, it is 8 years since I have been in the same company! And from last year I had a new Boss who does not trouble. All this is due to the immense grace of Amma. In the year 2002 I bought a plot in Bangalore and in June 2004. At every stage I used to take the blessings of Bhavani Amma.

Come to think of it, at today s prices, it would not be possible to own a house in Bangalore.

Side by Side more developments happened. My wife Geetha was carrying in Aug 2004 . In Sep 2004 Bhavani Sakthi Amma visited our house in Bangalore and blessed us by doing a Pooja with Kalasam. We were all delighted. It was purely with the blessings of Amma that our second child Saundarya was born.

Another interesting development was the Music development of my elder daughter Aishwarya. From 1999 to 2002 while she was still in Chennai she started learning Music from my mother and also parallely with a disciple of Smt Suguna Purushottaman, by name Sharanya Krishnan. She also used to sing in front on Bhavani Amman whenever we came to the temple for Pooja.

Slowly Aishwarya s musical talents began to blossom. The family shifted to Bangalore in June 2002. As I was on the lookout for a good teacher in Bangalore again through Amma s blessings we put Aishwarya under the tutelage of Smt Jambu Kannan.

She also started learning Keyboard with Mr Ravi and Veena through Mr Shankarraman, a disciple of Smt Rajeshwari Padmanabhan.

Her musical talents began to blossom.On Sep 16th 2007, on the occasion of the 91st birth anniversary of my Grandmother Smt M.S.Subbulakshmi, my mother and my daughter gave a concert at Narada Gana Sabha, all completely due to Bhavani Amma s blessings. Nobody could believe that my mother who had not sung for 15 years, who cannot walk and who is partially paralyzed on her entire right side could ever sing again. But the fact that she did is indeed a Great Miracle of Amma.

I would also like to mention that once my Grandmother Smt M.S.Subbulakshmi had also come to the temple of Bhavani Amma and had her blessings.

There are countless Miracles of Amma which one can tell.

To all of Amma s Bhakthas I would like to say that once you completely surrender to Amma, She will take care of you.

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Experience written by Shyamchandran family from London.

Makali Sakthi Bhavani Sakthi Amma

We are one of the devotees of Sakthi Amma and we feel that we are the lucky people in this world. We came to know about amma two years ago. My friend Mr.Anand introduced Amma and we owe lot to him. Since then, our life has changed dramatically for good. Our whole family is completely surrendered to mother.

We were living in London and suddenly I came to India just for a week in February 07 and during this visit I saw amma in the temple. I went to temple just because my friend told me to come. I lost my own mother six months before meeting Bhavani sakthi amma. I was suffering inside me very badly and nobody knows including my family members. I saw Bhavani Sakhti amma in the temple. I could not talk and at the same time I could not stop crying. I can never forget this moment (cry was longing for my own mother). My family was shocked to see me crying so badly as they did not know I was suffering inside. As Bhavani sakthi amma told me that you will never cry after this and I HAVE NEVER CRIED IN MY LIFE AFTER THAT. Our life has been changed for good every second. So many wonders amma has done in our life. We were in deep financial crisis and amma sorted it out. We are very innocent people and others started to exploit us and give us a lot of problems. Since we have started praying amma, nobody troubles us.

Bhavani sakthi amma dedicated her whole life to help devotees like us. We feel that she is our living God. We can walk to her at any time and explain our problem and our mother showers grace and sorts the problem immediately. Her healing talk and affectionate words makes one feel that anything could be sorted out with ammas arul.

We as a whole family are involved in spreading her fame and grace to the rest of the world. Our sincere prayers to Makali sakthi amma has made Bhavani Sakthi amma to come all the way to London and amma did pooja in our house. Now every body says that our house looks like a temple and its so vibrant. The best thing we like about her is her affection and love for others and realising the pain others go through during suffering.

From Shyamchandran family

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Experience written by Geetha Shrinivasan wife of V.Shrinivasan.

This has been written by Geetha Shrinivasan, Bangalore, devotee of
MaKali Shakti Bhavani Shakthi Amma on Amma s miracle of saving the life
of P Manjunatha, also Amma s devotee.

Dear Bhaktas of Amma

It was Sep 29th 2006 during Navarthri, that I received a phone call in
my house that there was a cobra in our layout. Immediately I phoned
Manjunatha who is an expert snake catcher and stays close by in Weaver s

It was about 1.00 pm in the afternoon and we rushed to the house.
Catching snakes had not been a problem for Manjunatha. He caught the
snake. However the owner of the house wanted that the snake be left free
 and he wanted to take a few photos. Manjunatha left the snake on the
grass in the garden.

Suddenly I saw that as the snake was near Manjunatha s feet I saw that
it bit the ankle of Manjunatha. I immediately told Manjunatha, "Did you
know, the snake has bitten you".
Manjunatha however had not felt this, but immediately he saw his ankle
and he saw that there was blood.

I was shocked and did not know what to do. My husband was in office in
that day along with our elder daughter S.Aishwarya as there was Pooja in
 the factory before Navarathri Holidays. I immediately phoned one Mr
Sharat, who works in People for Animals, a welfare organisation. He said
 that we have to rush Manjunatha to a Hospital for Snake bites at
Hosokote which is about 50 kilometers away.

Immediately I wanted to start by my car. However one workman in the
layout Jayaram asked the owner of the house where Manjunatha was bitten
to take us by car, which is a Ford Ikon. In the car there were 5 of us,
Manjunatha, the house owner Raviprakash, Khan the electrician, myself
and my second daughter.

Before getting into the car, Manjunatha said that he had started feeling
 somewhat uneasy and he told me that whatever happens, I should not be
afraid. I immediately phoned my husband and told him about this incident
 and asked him to rush. He said that he would leave in 15 minutes.
As the car neared BTM layout, Manjunatha started vomiting. My husband
who was in constant touch with me told me that he had immediately spoken
 to Bhavani Sakthi Amma at Chennai who also said that she would pray.

My husband also while driving sent word through another person Ponmani ,
 to inform Manjunatha s wife and father about the snake bite just in
case anything untoward happens. He also went to our house on the way,
took some theertham of Bhavani Amma and then rushed towards Hoskote.

Meanwhile the car was rushing at breakneck speed. One cannot imagine the
 traffic at Bangalore. However on that day, all traffic seemed to give
way for our car. On ring road, Ravi Prakash was driving at 120 kms
speed. However Manjunatha had now closed his eyes. I again phoned my
husband, who in turn spoke to Bhavani Sakthi Amma. She said " Ask Geetha
 to take the Rakshai of Bhavani Amma which is on Manjunatha s hand
(along with his hand) and keep it on his eyes and pray . In case
Manjunatha cannot do this by himself, ask Geetha to take Manjunatha s
hand and do the same. "Bhavani Amma, please help Manjunatha and save his
 life". Manjunatha was now in so bad shape that he could not do anything
 himself as the poison had started moving towards his lungs. Breathing
had now become slow and very difficult.
I held Manjunatha s hand and took it so that the Rakshai could reach his
 eyes and prayed. The car was now near Krishnarajapuram. My husband was
in constant touch with the Doctor and his assistant even while driving.
By a strange co incidence the name of the doctor was Nagaraj and the
name of his assistant was Nagabhushanam!!
As the vehicle was reaching Hosokote, I was losing hope as Manjunatha
was worsening. I spoke to my husband who said "Pray to Bhavani Amma, she
 will take care. Do not give up now. Transfer the positive energy to

On the main road itself the doctor s assistant Nagabhushanam was
waiting. He immediately asked our vehicle to follow him to the hospital.
 As the car reached the nursing home, we had reached hospital in 45
minutes. This was in itself a great miracle! The car had just almost
finished all the petrol.!!

They immediately rushed Manjunath to the emergency. Dr Nagaraj was also
there. Manjunatha was clinging to life. Though I was praying, I called
my husband and told him that the situation is very bad still and
anything can happen.

They started giving anti venom to Manjunatha and put him on oxygen.
After 10 minutes, Dr Nagaraj said that there is chance for survival now
as the anti venom was working and thank God, lung paralysis has not set
in. If this has happened it would have been very very difficult. But he
said we will have to shift Manjunatha to another Koshy s nursing home as
 they had a ventilator. This was the first time someone had given some
hope. Immediately I called my husband who in turn immediately kept
Bhavani Sakthi Amma informed.

My husband had reached Ramamurthy Nagar where Koshy Nursing home was
located. Manjunath was now going separately in the ambulance. We
followed after filling petrol.
As soon as Manjunatha reached the hospital, my husband was waiting and
as instructed by Bhavani Sakthi Amma, he sprinkled Theertham on his
forehead and near the place of snake bite and also on the Rakshai
Kayaru. Manjunatha was now breathing but not yet opened his eyes.

He was rushed to ICU and kept of ventilator. Dr Nagaraj who accompanied
Manjunatha in the ambulance. He came out after half an hour and said
that now that the anti venom was working, we had nothing to worry and
Manunatha would be alright after 2 or 3 days.

This was indeed great news and we immediately phoned Bhavani Sakthi Amma
 and informed her. This was truly one of the Greatest Miracles we have
witnessed of Bhavani Amma.

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