History of Amma and Aalayam

Bhavani Shakthi Amma is the prime devotee of the Aadiparasakthi was more religious and God fearing right from her childhood, she was more inclined towards bhakthi right from her childhood which made her get into spirituality as she grew up. Her strong belief that there exists a supreme power above the human race, which will protect the devotees from all the evil forces, was certain.

Her intensity in bhakthi increased day by day, she started doing extensive pooja and got involved more into bhakthi, she literally thought of God almost all the time. In her dreams she used to feel like God is talking to her. And her involvement in Bhakthi lead her to Meditation. She started doing meditation in the year 1990. Meditation which she started doing for couple of minutes, started increasing day by day and she started to feel a different experience. As she went on to do meditation for hours. she used to do deep meditation which requires silence and a calm atmosphere. At one stage her Bhakthi and deep meditation lead her to the discovery of the supreme power called "Aadiparasakthi". She heard the talks of the divine power when she was in deep meditation; she started following all the instruction given to her by the supreme power. All the instruction of the supreme power were simple but hard to follow.Everything that needs to be used for doing pooja here needs to be of vessels made of Mud, she did meditation for hours to pursue her pooja to the divine power.

She wanted divine power that made her life better, to shower her blessings to the millions of people who are leading a unrealistic life without any guidance in this materialistic world. She started doing pooja for the devotees. Devotees started following the instructions of the divine power. They started to feel the vibration and realized the existence of the divine power.

At one stage "Aadiparasakthi" wanted Bhavani Shakthi Amma to expose the supreme power to the external world in the form of Kudil(A Pyramid shaped construction of a small temple). She wanted her devotees to contribute to the construction and without her knowledge she was able to get enough funds to construct the kudil.The Kudil is constructed in the very own premises where the Bhavani Shakthi Amma lives.The Plan, Dimensions, Structure and way in which the Kudil needs to be constructed were all conveyed by the divine power to the Bhavani Shakthi Amma in deep meditation and was executed by the Bhavani Shakthi Amma as specified. The Divine power wanted the Kudil to be named as "Makali Shakthi Bhavani Shakthi Amma Shakthi Kudil". The Kudil was constructed in the month of November of the year 2002.

The Kudil was simple in structure but it holds its own power which has been divine and was realized by every single person who stepped into the Kudil. All the procedures and the way of doing pooja was done based on the words of Aadiparasakthi. The power of Supreme God started to flourish, she started blessing all her devotees. The devotees were blessed with Good health, wealth,education, They were able to realize their problem getting vanished,they realized the vanishing of the evil power which was making them struggle to come up in life. They started to feel the inner happiness and were guided by the divine power in all walks of life.They were prospering both professionally and personally.All devotees worship the divine power in the form of meditation. Doing meditation daily even for a couple of minutes can change a persons life. All devotees were asked to use Mann vessels(Vessels made of mud) for doing pooja in their homes. Devotees were asked to lead a simple,peaceful and a meaningful life.

More and More Devotees started visiting the temple and started realizing the change in the life, there were 5 important days of pooja which were considered to be auspicious apart from the pooja that was carried out on every new moon and full moon days.

At one stage the divine power in front of the devotees on a Arul Vaaku(Divine power talks to the Devotees through Bhavani Shakthi Amma) told that she wanted the devotees to contruct a temple for her.She wanted to reach more people across boundaries and shower her blessings and guide them in all means of life.

The temple  "Arulmigu Naga Nageshwari Sakthi Aalayam"  spans across an acre in the calm composure in Vadakanallur in Arani near Periyapalayam.

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Near Vadakanallur village, Arani,
Tamil Nadu, India
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